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The first multi-token Lottery with a unique NFT system to increase your chances


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Time remaining: 02 days 23:26:37

You can play with any $token , If the digits on your tickets match the winning numbers in the correct order, you win a portion of the prize pool.

  • Buy ticket in $DYNA or any other Tokens Floki, BUSD, Doge, etc. No commissions !
  • There are two draws every week. Subscribe to our telegram to receive the results
  • Once the lottery is over, come back to the page and Claim your Prizes

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Dynamix Mission App

DYNAMIX Mission is a platform to protect your funds when transacting on the blockchain.
It is an Escrow service allowing Freelancers and those looking to outsource work to connect and pay securely and work knowing they will be paid.

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Before paying a freelancer or service provider such as Social influencers with crypto try our DYNAMIX Mission platform.

DYNAMIX Missions do not take long to set up and it automatically creates a smart contract using a low fee.

Our platform allows for a secure and stress free transaction between the Host and Worker.

Here's our 3 step approach.

  • Host defines the Terms and Conditions of the contract that the Worker must complete to be paid.
  • Host funds the Mission with an accepted currency. The Worker can see that the Mission has been funded.
  • Once the Mission has been completed the Host releases the funds and they are automatically released to the Worker.
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News About Us


Audit & Liquidy Lock

Brewlabs Contract Audit

LP Token locked for 10 years


What is Dynamix

Dynamix is a DeFi Token build on BSC with a dynamic reflection contract. The dynamic reflection contract performs automated tax adjustments on sells/buys. Rewards are increased as holder numbers increase and sell tax reduces depending on how long a user holds Dynamix. We also have a scalable buyback and burn mechanism implemented into the contract.

We have designed a Smart Contract that tackles a lot of issues that are common in other reflection contracts.

Following an in-depth analysis of Reflection & DeFi Smart Contracts, we noticed weaknesses and coded a Smart Contract to solve all the related issues.

Our Dynamix Token includes an intelligent algorithm that adjusts the various transaction fees. Rather than setting fixed fees, which ultimately results in rapid inflation, high fees for long term holders and other issues, our smart contract automatically and smartly adjusts the taxes of the transaction.

For example, the reward system automatically increases based on the number of holders so that the reward amount remains constant despite the number of holders increasing. Another example is that the more you hold, the more rewards you receive but the lower the sales tax due to a decrease in tax based on time holding.

All these ratios are automatically managed and developers do not have any access to modify the variables of the different taxes in our smart contract.

What is Dynamix?
How it works

Problems & Solutions

After several months of analysis during which we carefully studied the strengths and weaknesses
of numerous Tokens released on the market, these are our observations and conclusions:


When a token is launched on the open market with rewards contract, it is capped at an uneconomical rate of inflation this leads to high inflation at the start and less rewards for holders once holder numbers increase.

As the prices increase long term holders are taxed at the same rate they would have been at the beginning this leads to holders still being penalised although they may have been holding for a long time.

A new system has come around which automatically buys back when a holder sells however these buyback systems are usually poorly operated and result in the function not being able to sustain itself.



We have developed an algorithm to boost the number of rewards percentage distributed as holder numbers increase. The purpose of this is not so holders are not forced to share the same rewards as holders increase.

We have developed a dynamic taxation system based on the time a user holds his tokens, this results in lower tax the longer you hold your tokens.

We have set up a dynamic buyback system that activates based on number of tokens sold meaning the more is sold the more is purchased.

Let Us Explain

Dynamic Rewards

Most tokens provide rewards ranging from between 1-5% fixed. As an example if there are 10 holders and a purchase of 1000 tokens is made, the buyer recieves 980 tokens and 20 tokens are distributed to the 10 holders depending on holding amounts. With Dynamix the rewards percentage increases as holder numbers increase to remain consistent.

Try it by moving from right to left

Let Us Explain


The majority of reflection tokens are taxed between 10-15% (or more) on purchases, sales and transfers. With Dynamix there is no tax on transfers and you are not penalised as heavily on selling depending "on holding time"

Coin Image


If you hold your tokens for...

  • Less than a week 17% SELL Tax
  • 1 week to 1 month 14% SELL Tax
  • 1 month to 6 months 8% SELL Tax
  • 6 months and more 5% SELL Tax

Let Us Explain


We have designed a Buyback program based on the number of tokens sold. The higher the number of tokens sold, the higher the Buyback.

Buyback and Burn

At each sale transaction, the buyback system is triggered to buy the tokens sold. The Smart Contract automatically calculates the purchase percentage to maintain the price of the token.

Tokens purchased via buyback are burned and will no longer be in circulation.




Token stats


You will also notice that we do not hold a token for the simple reason that when the dev team holds too many tokens, nothing says it doesn't sell and pushes the curve down, especially if it has a lot of it.


DxSale PreSale: 45%

PancakeSwap: 36%

DxSale Fees: 3%

First Burned: 16%

Team: 0%

Symbol: DYNA

Initial Value: 1 BNB = 3750 Billion DYNA

Type: BEP20

Address: 0xc41689A72....3009757200371edf36D540e

Token stats

Fees Distribution

Buy and Sell Fees are completely dynamic, rewards adjust according to the number of holders,
while the selling tax decreases according to the time hold.

Buy Fees 12%

There is a 12% tax on purchase transactions. This 12% is distributed through Rewards, Marketing costs and the Development team.


The percentage of Rewards increases according to the number of holders, reducing the share for marketing costs and the development team.


Sell Fees 17% to 5%

The sales tax ranges from 5 to 17%. This tax is used to BuyBack + Burn and to an additional part for marketing costs.


This tax decreases according to the time you hold the tokens in your wallet. "The more you hold, the less you pay".


Team Founders

Dynamix started off with 3 childhood friends Dan, Enzo & Mick. Each member with their own unique expertise and experience. All team members are passionate about the future of Dynamix.


Community Manager

We now have Sam & Yasin on board and there will be more joining during our expansion.

Community Manager
Community Manager


Click on the image to download our whitepaper



Marketing, Security, How to buy on presale or Pancakeswap and more...
If you have any other questions, please, don't hesitate to ask us on Telegram, Twitter, or via the form below.

After in depth analysis of other projects marketing strategies we found flaws that we have worked around to do a layered approach to reach users. We will invest 60% of our budgets on Marketing and have already worked together with some big influencers, news outlets and we have also had a billboard up in Sogo.
Dynamix is a new token that evolves according to the events it encounters. We found and understood after an in-depth study on several existing coins and tokens, their strengths and their limits. As an example, rewards generally do not vary and when the number of holders increases, only token cents will be shared between them. Another example concerning taxes is that most tokens have fixed taxes. We have developed a system that rewards holders who hold the token over time. The more you hold, the lower are the taxes.
The taxes will be distributed into 3 areas. Rewards - These will be distributed to holders. Buyback/Burn - These will be burnt automatically Development/Marketing - These are the funds to be used to pay for Marketing, exchange listings etc.
As we have seen after thorough audits of several tokens and coins, the only way to explode a currency is with marketing. Ads also help to reach that goal, but only marketing can blow up a token. It is for this reason that we will be using 60% of our budget on Marketing. We are going to sign partnerships with very big influencers, displaying billboards in the biggest cities of the world, press articles, social media etc. All transactions are tracked via events.
We have no choice but to charge a few taxes to ensure the structure's sustainability, i.e. - Smart Contract - Website development - Graphic marketing - Blocked cash automation - Staking - Voting - Certik audit - Simulator on our website etc.
We do not hold a token for the simple reason that when the dev team holds too many tokens, nothing says it doesn't sell and pushes the curve down, especially if it has a lot of it.
Click on DxSale link

Then you will see below where to enter the amount of bnb you want to buy.
and click on "Contribute" button.

When Metamask opens, validate the transaction by clicking on the "Confirm" button

Important: You need a few cents left in your wallet for the Binance transaction fees payment, so do not put the maximum amount of your wallet, otherwise the transaction will appear as an error.
Open Trust Wallet App on your phone.
First Step: Click on the DApps tab, at the bottom

Second step: Enter the dxsale address in the search bar

(just click on this link)

Third step: Choose the "Smart Chain" network

Wait for the page to load, then scroll down and enter the amount of bnb you want to buy
and click on "Contribute" button.

Trust Wallet will open a new window, validate the transaction by clicking on the blue "Confirm" button at the bottom

Important: You need a few cents left in your wallet for the Binance transaction fees payment, so do not put the maximum amount of your wallet, otherwise the transaction will appear as an error.

Important: If the dxsale site loading doesn’t end, please make sure you have copied the address without https:// but just with http://.
Buy Slippage: 14%
Sell Slippage: 21%
You can find the source code and the code explanations on github https://github.com/dynamixtoken
Liquidity is blocked for a period of 10 years. The LP tokens that we receive subsequently will initially be locked regularly. Then our dev team will automate the procedure so that everything is transparent. You will also notice that we do not hold a token for the simple reason that when the dev team holds too many tokens, nothing says it doesn't sell and pushes the curve down, especially if it has a lot of it.


Have questions? We’re happy to help.

Contact us with any questions regarding Dynamix Token, Strategy, Fees or Smart Contract.

    111 Rico House George Street, Prestwich, Manchester, United Kingdom, M25 9WS
  • [email protected]
  • Join us on Telegram https://t.me/DynamixToken